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Mina Wild collections of bespoke bags, belts, cuffs and bolos

We cater to the discerning collector who seeks to make a bold statement with the highest quality accessories. Our one-of-a-kind pieces are each hand-crafted from luxurious exotic skins and feature first-class ornaments.

“If you can think it, we can make it” – Clara invites collaboration with her clients to create wearable accessories that bring lasting joy and value for years to come. A bag made from the finest skins and adorned with her signature 925 silver alligators can be passed on for generations, just like a collectible work of art.

Handbags and belts are inspired by the natural shape of the skins and tails, so no two are alike. The luxurious skins, available in a variety of rich colors to suit your personal style, are paired with the highest quality hardware designed by Clara or imported from Europe. 

Whether you choose a Mina Wild bolo, belt, bag or cuff, each represents the true genius of Clara Pacheco's artistry and craftsmanship. Enter the wild to experience unparalleled beauty and power. 

Mina Wild works only with wild harvested exotic leathers from unendangered species.