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Mina Wild evolved throughout my lifetime, though the company was born only a few years ago. Here’s my story:

I believe there are no coincidences in life and that help comes from the most unexpected places.

As a child and throughout my youth my nickname was Mamina. I was so loved both by my birth mother—Maria Magdalena, my greatest inspiration and hero—and Mirta, my godmother (“madrina” in Spanish); people couldn’t tell who was my real mother. The third most powerful “M” in my life, my dear friend Martina, always encouraged my artistic ideas, no matter how outlandish, and it was thanks to a seeming “coincidence” after Martina passed away that led me to the world of exotic skins.

Martina wanted to redecorate her house but couldn’t afford a new couch, so I offered to buy fabric and reupholster her old one. She took me to her favorite fabric store and together we accomplished our mission. One day, thinking of Martina while working on a new project, I returned to that same fabric store but didn’t find what I needed. I was drawn, however, to a nearby store that turned out to be filled with animal hides, among them a crocodile tail that I knew I just had to own. It was unfortunately too expensive, so I told the owner if you run into a less expensive tail, give me a call. And one day he did. 

It was a Sunday when I purchased my first crocodile tail (the one in this photo). Coincidentally, it was Martina's birthday! 

That day, my confident hands already knew what it would become.

I felt Martina encouraging me to get started…and thus Mina Wild, the joining of all the “M” women in my life, came to be. Since purchasing that first skin, many other people—my army of angels—have helped guide me to create the Mina Wild Collection of belts, cuffs, shoes, and accessories that I now share with you.

I hope you will discover your own inner wildness when you wear these one-of-a-kind works of art.

Clara Pacheco

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